january juvenileness

i've been 6 months preg prevalent on here with precognitive perceptions perforating my predictive pretense and premature prestige all for the seemingly preposterous procreation of poignant blog posts like the one you're reading now. a week ago from the thursday that was, this space crossed its 6 month lakshman rekha with a grand total of *drumroll* 26 pristine blog posts ever since the primordial peculiarity took place. that's including this one if in case you have a déjà vu right now. thank you ever so much for putting up with the frivolous nonsense that has taken place here all this time, I couldn't do it for a million whatevers myself. only about 5% of bloggable think juice trickles down to blogger's chamber of publishies, the rest isn't found even in oblivionland. its like trying to squeeze out productivity from procrastination, all theoretically plausible but highly debatable in reality and seriously laborious. short of being connected in the brain to a bleedin iPhone 34.50 24/7 might just do the trick and catch it all in. not to mention and having to charge it every time I drain its battery courtesy of apple juice raging hormones and proliferating pheromones. blogging has been well exciting. I don't think I get bored anymore, quite frankly. it's like if I like it, I might blog about it; if I don't I'd whine and moan and still blog about it. and knowing that sort of rescues you in advance from potential worst case scenarios where you could've either been suffocated by the sheer stupidity that surpasses all known susceptibilities or get sucked in the ground feet first terminator ishtyle depending on the veracity of the horror facing you. be it in a sluggish bus journey with added bonus of a whistling indian sitting right behind you the day you forget taking your ipod fishing with you or your local passport office needs a visit; I hereby present to you the Great Indian Passout Challenge - see how long until your inert mentally stable state starts to fluctuate fiercely and gradually dismantle purely by observing the surroundings of your embassy's passport office. people fuming with anger and impatience dominated the hall full of half broken, creaky chairs and corners with shady undertones right in the middle of the city complete with whiny bank-like staff sending away every fourth person in the queue down to a corner shop to fetch some change first. indian enough to compel any proud indian to rethink 'it happens only in india'. maybe people don't realize how much fun it is sitting there with an equally petrified punjabi and a south indian celebrating indigenous indianness.


calibrating the new year

celebrating the new year has never been as insane. except same time last year, but then it wasn't that cold and neither was it big ben's 150th. four hours in freezing fortitudes surrounded to one standing space with what they call 'people' in numbers of huge isn't easy. you have to be mental, absolute bonkers and have no understanding of the spinal chord's venerability to painful structural tension to brave that long wait only to date the fireworks fairy for 10 mere minutes.

it was cold, it was dark, and it helped bring out BBC Radio 1 wannabe bhangra gangsta DJ's best of his very worst.


A cleverly edited 30 second vantage-point 'countdown to 2009' preview proving the sheer veracity and geographical awesomeness of the Point of Standeth claim with relation to the big white wheel, very muchly inferior to BBC's full 10 minute coverage.

you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave.. hundreds of drunk yetis on the first early morning of the new year seen here blocking all possible routes to basecamp.

pardon the recent shabby posting practices. it's late and I'm under the influence. new year resolutions I think include less bullshitting, more blogging, singing prouctivity and laying off the laze.