oh yeah

it's that time of the year then. that time when one relishes those festive fetishes spirits ones been waiting for all this year. and as for me that's a feeling one feels when putting an end to a year long tedious wait to see a massive 'yes' plastered on that weird website. oh the suspense is killing. I suspect it might all be a subliminal viral marketing ploy for an upcoming movie, hell I've even subscribed to it's RSS feed to make sure it isn't. that sheer, raw joy of seeing it shout yes after a year long abnormally monotonic tone surpasses all known interwebs geekery. more next year, then. happy holidays.



for want of a lion and a better zoom lens

visit to the zoo after years of not having been to one seemed to have brought out the wild side. a bit too much I'd say, after it reminded me of that one time when I managed chased off about half a score monkeys sitting on my backyard wall merely by the power of my high quality imitation dog bark (true story). not exactly something I'd brag about on parties, but there you go. you could say I've had a disturbed an adventurous childhood, those were the days.

didn't get to see it burying it's head, never thought meeting my role model would be a major dissapointment.

turns out Girish the mutant dog-worm might actually be a zebra derivative.

I still can't remember what these were called.

moments after a few human hand hunts.

couldn't get it to break the glass and pop out though.

so near, yet so far.



je ne sais quoi, both literally and metaphorically.


in layman's language

here it lies this land called blog,
lacking all liveliness and lustre
leaving lumps of loose leftovers lasting forever;
leaking from locked lids and limitless lairs,
are lonely laureates limping across for miles
covered in leaves the colour of oblivion.
longing to be lifted from low realms of laziness.*

as the ever pulsing virtual whiteness splattered with nonsensical statement anomalies lay dormant, lifeless, I confess to drastic unblogging yet again. I had two dreams yesterday, one of which was a date. nothing too fascinating, the only thing I remember of her is being asked who my favourite author was and then slapping me and walking away after I blurted out enid blyton for no apparent reason. I just hope I haven't dreamt my immediate foreseeable future itself, knowing how likely that specific scenario actually is. congratulations, the future seems fucked. in current news, a lady sitting next to me is cleaning the computer screen with a tissue, and banging the keyboard upside down against the desk precisely thrice as we speak. ever had a nightmare come alive like that? I suspect she is either mental or studying bacteria with a vengeance. and it's the second time I dared to write what I just wrote, as the first was erased, completely destroyed at the speed of light when I thought it was being stared at from the corner of her eye, reading with contempt every little virulent word against her at microscopic detail and was about to hit me. to make things even less liking, new store manager is apparently a lesbian and rumoured to be dominating fairly strict. I may well have been scarred for life with violent women. "but look at the bright side," screamed a mental incarnation of this blog. "at least they don't turn chinese every now and again."

with potentially threatening issues like those ogling at my precious mind every passing second, events leading the train of thought crashing to a complete halt in lectures begin to rise, as concentration brownie points decrease dramatically. which, incidentally, seems to complement the presence of random lines on pages which were originally meant to be scattered with dull genetic jargon. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I met Girish the mutant dog-worm.

and a redhead red indian an onion-head alien

In other news, WALL-E, the famed character who saw a huge success with his film early this year, went into chronic depression yesterday about a month after the release of new computer animated film Madagascar 2, a sequel to its popular prequel Madagascar. WALL-E was rumoured to be under 'heavy drug usage', an assumption sparked off by leaked internet footage on a forum last night clearly showing the robot under the influence of questionable substances.

*Bad poetry courtesy of extraneous boredom hallucinations. Could've been worse, but that's a different story. Conditions apply.