that white stuff

I was going mad they said. with a mental equilibrium long disrupted, wasn't much of a surprise. one which can't even be described without getting sucked into transcendental hallucination. not that such a thing is documented to exist yet, which only makes it a lot more scarier. what's white and makes you go crazy. something else and coldest winter in 13 years with 20cm snow accompanied with an embarrassingly failflop transport system can in fact turn you into a photography obsessed arctic zombie. circa early february.
"click to enlarge" (if only it were that easy eh).

the following shotted from a moving bus. (which got stranded on top of a hill after the driver got radioed that two other buses were involved in a minor collision while trying to go downhill in extreme conditions, but that's a different story.) manual dexterity +1

some which look even more ghetto passed through that weird chinese online photo converter brilliance.

apologies for the recent splatter of photoposts longer than the all the carrots grown on the queens garden lined up. I've been on a massive clicking frenzy; it's been royally rewarding, except that I've lost my phone's memory card and with it several other clicks.