the mind sings Procrastination's national anthem;
“other stuff” gets 2 week visa for Attentionation.

be back soon.


hello yes? we still here then? oh, right. the Large Hairy Coriander monster thingy didn't eat us up after all. although to be fair, they've just beamed the stuff clockwise. the other opposing beam is still 2 months away. and the final results? all that excitement about finding new particles? that's right, they're just a year away. a year. there I was all excited about discovering new dimensions and everything and suddenly it's all gone quiet. it's almost as if we've secretly time travelled a year back into the past when they turned it on, and the results still seem a year away. but if that really was the case, wouldn't we then get stuck in an endless, infinite time continuum as the result would set us back a year every time we reached it? told you my mind was messed up.

you see, I have high hopes for this experiment. no I really do. why? because lets face it, mankind is dumbing down. political correctness and human rights prevail over simple common sense. want a glimpse into far future? go see that movie documentary Idiocracy and see something that's essentially inevitable seeing how things running are these days. besides, now that swearing in an exam essay would earn me easy marks, my ever-so-awesome spam folder would probably get me a master's degree. physics, literature, everything it has. you name it.

“Don't get lost in her eyes because of small dimensions. Huge dimension gives increased force. You are just in step of being Caesar of in bed activity. Short and thin provoke female derision. Your insatiable chick will be full of pleasure. Upsize your pecker with no hassle. This night your bedroom will be jungles and you wild tiger after you have upgraded your wang with us. Your IT department has been paid to allow us to send you these mails. Check out the results.”

now this is freaky. I swear on my blog's sidebar I was halfway watching this video and my neighbour's cat with shining eyes peeps through the transparent catflap on backyard door. at midnight. coincidences are great, you know. I don't deny that. I mean, you want to throw some ayesha takias at me while I watch her film, you um go ahead and do that. but certainly not this.

and what's with all the hoohaa with that sour pale in? yes, that little intelligent woman I'm talking about. there he was, that white haired dude failing miserably not so long ago, with no hope whatsoever. and along comes mrs. oh-look-at-sexy-me with a too-busy-to-do-hair-looking-$1000-hairdo-with-glasses and soon enough, the whole nation goes crazy.

In other news, BBC told me I was a man (phew) last night.
and cat moss's kate has got flees.


pounds of procrastination

(click to enlarge)

“I was woken up today by a godlike divine intervention
other related searches for god made me feel lucky.”


possibly last post

say (atheists read 'smirk at') your prayers tonight. the world might implode into a microscopic blackhole apparently. that weird little experiment takes place on wednesday. you know, the one smashing sub-atomic particles and all that. just the perfect something to look forward to on a dull wednesday afternoon.

after all the staring vigilant observation during boring bus waits everyday, I think my eyes are wearing off. and as if that wasn't depressing enough, I might have managed to hit the height of absent mindedness. when mother is away, apart from doritos with salsa dip staple diet often includes red leicester sandwiches off greggs. not being a huge fan of waiting in queues, I jumped at the chance of fetching a sandwich off the shelves slightly faster than normal pace and running to the till before anyone could come even close to heaving my hunger for another 2 minutes of eternity. It wasn't until I dug into it halfway ♠ that I realised it wasn't the familiar red leicester fatale. turns out the label which said "chicken & bacon" was white font on a red background and considering that I started chanting the red mantra even before I left work, the ol' brainer read no red but saw some instead.

actually, it might well be running in the genes for all I know.
"where's the plus button?!" complained a rather baffled mother holding a black cordless receiver. or the time when I copyrighted the "homeopathic facewash" idea after she mistook a medicine bottle full of little balls for her eye drops. too bad the "come first in college" gene is still nowhere to be found.

In other news, a bunch of whiny pedants took a break from spotting grammatical errors on supermarket displays and decided to write them in to the BBC instead. I can only pray for them and hope that they don't stumble across an orkut crapbook. and what's the large number of dots people put in at the end of everything these days.. even pacman would commit suicide.

♠ exact moment when laptop was thrown violently seeing a spider the size of an onion crawl across the keyboard. fucking spiders.


Viking 2 made it to Mars, The Queen quit Qatar, eBay got spammed. notable events on this day that more or less shaped history, to name a few.

and then more importantly of course, I came along.
merry happy joyeux birth anniversaire day three to myself.

sometime back in WW2 on this very day, Italy came under attack. despite the wrath of limited artillery and more than half a century later, I've finally conquered the Roman Lasagna Legionnaires.

It was a tough run though; my passion for not cooking hasn't gone unnoticed. cooking you see, is like sleeping. you get insomniacs like me and the ones who can daydream for miles. I tried to give it a go anyway. and for some bizarre reason mother seemed to think approximate measures = accurate. and even more annoying how she manages to get them just right every single time.

"how much salt in this?"
"take an approximate"
the amount of times I was bombarded with aerosol approximates,
I'd bomb build a castle with 'em.

"sauté that"
"what did you just call me?"
and I was expected to know cooking jargons.

after that surreal experience, it did turn out tery tery tasty. and to top it all off, the whole thing was surprisingly easy. in layman's my terms, it's just adding some stuff, then a layer of cheese, and then some more stuff, shove it in the magic box, and voilà! couldn't get any more easier than that. be afraid olive oil, be very afraid.

and writing, using the term loosely, has hit an all time low lately. blame the prime minister. why? I don't know. it feels weird not to. net stopped working? gordon brown. bad weather? you guessed it.