mel gibson elbow-skiing

greatest fucking movie ever made.


it's the blasted recession when everybody & their pennies have been acting a bit weird and you just happen to have a million flat bronze saucers lying around with no midas touch goodness whatsoever. the mighty internet teaches me to indulge in the pointless, miserable, monotonous, nonchalant yet strangely satisfying art of penny stacking. clicken est enlärgen.

after the grueling amount of time it takes you to stack what can only be described as what the fuck is this, synonymous time passage associated with penny stacking tests your patience, concentration and manual dexterity. of course, the whole point of it all being not testing manual dexterity malarchy or the rigidity or steadydity but more watching it all crash at the end as an excuse for a shoddy attempt to replicate the recession.


"je suis un homme très occupé," french for "I am a very busy man," slang for "I'm very lazy."

my therpist says I must embrace my weaknesses. such a beautiful thing, this .. this indolent laziness. i'm indian, and we're all born very lazy sue me. I'm still learning to embrace it, just like my ex. strangely tempting and highly, highly misleading. events transpire, phenomenons take place. pardon the recent hiatus, by virtue of inborn procrastinatories other things hadded to be taken care of. this is becoming a predictable trend, this is. fill up the ol' blogspot with welcome posts every 3 months. in other news, the fucking sun is visiting the queen this summer they took away the Kohinoor and they're taking away my winter WHAT THE BLAGOJEVICH IS WRONG WITH THE WEATHER HONESTLY it's gobsmacking. what a beautiful word. that's my new favourite word. uncle bobs gobsmacking his neig- went off on a tangent there where was I. the heat is deafening, and global warming has already increased my attention span to that of a blind hedgehog. must do whatever it takes to save the planet. even if it means not ridiculing toyota prius owners on the motorway . l’été est l’une des quatre saisons mmm l’été L’ÉTÉ L’ÉTÉ dammit man too bad repeating 'summer' in french doesn't make it any less worse. which is a shame really, I wanted to try that for 'jobless bored internet addict' as well. bored as in sitting and analysing usage frequencies of each letter used in previous posts.

the letter 'e' as it turns out, is a commoner. this looks hideous. I'm yay close to writing in lipograms for a month.

A lipogram (from Greek lipagrammatos, "missing letter") is a kind of constrained writing or word game consisting of writing paragraphs or longer works in which a particular letter or group of letters is omitted — usually a common vowel, the most common in English being "E".

of course, wikipedia fails to mention lipogrammatic exceptions are mere effects, emphasized by the encouragement of eliminating every exhibit that embraces the letter e, elevating estimates of an entertaining read. fathom that? oh wait I almost forgot, I'm eating into my "lie in partial paralysis while hallucinogenic images transport you into a temporary third-world reality" time. sleep is so yesterday night, overrated brainwash. I shall henceforth close my eyes, and drift off into solitude instead.


never underestimate the power of raw boredom and eternal dedication

including microsoft paint. specially if you're forced to hang on to phone calls stretching through long rainy afternoons and a bored right hand stretches across the table and feeds hallucinogenic chapati to the computer mouse. so I stumbled across some shit from 3 years back buried away deep through time in backup cds. where else should I celebrate?

and, I've always wanted to do this.

I like her hair too.

delicious copy+pasta. who doesn't like playing around pasting the same shit like a million times and achieve absolutely nothing, but solely deriving impertinent pleasure by somehow convincing oneself it was time well spent? I know I do.

function hidestatus () {
window.status=' '
return true

select that text above, and you have modern art. BAM! right there in your hands. clicken est enlärgen.

long story, don't ask. don't freak out either. elaborate prank in college on april la numero uno. image got projected in front of hundreds, including the guy below.

"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." - George W. Bush

I see no other place worthy enough to dump these on. humble apologies if WTFness of these caused any headaches whatsoever.


when a certain Kim Bond celebrated the internet 14 odd years ago:
Wait a minute. Any knucklehead with a computer and half a brain can write anything he or she wants on the internet. Maybe that's the point, after all.
wait a second. girls from the past could read my mind? in the future? that's just messed up. I feel so vulnerable.

angelina jolie made me a cheese sandwich

I've had an minor angelina jolie infestation in my cluttered mind; I'm told the only way leading to a jolly riddance involves touting anti-feminist annotations in all directions until I start seeing anniston's face all red in my breakfast cereal. yes it's a bit more complicated than cooking up elaborate master plans of shunning academic responsibility through sheer brainwork with less salt than usual. as the presence of my absence continues to dominate my internet palace, let it no way imply I've been finally cured of that year long disease. I was suffering through insert synonym for laziness of the worst degree here ever had one of those mid-life crises? except that it's not really mid-life, and much more worse than being beaten by an 11 year old chinese counterpart in Crysis. it might well have been a delay actually, I'm positive I started writing this blog post early this month; blogger's publish page needs a tad bit sprinkle of angelina jolies, honestly. I know no other way of a productivity boost. days are dwarfed of recent, with Usain Bolting for buses and playing cavalier to last minute coursework caveats. to make matters even worse, the washing machine has started smelling of fresh curry.
google employees get 20% off their time to do whatever they want. some probably initiate intimate expressions of their own giga (109) geekness, while others may just make out with their keyboards. this blahwg, disguised with fuelling flamboyant narcissism except anything else, was born on similar constraints except that the 20 was actually 80% time off of two days before the finals. try it sometime, the adrenaline thrush easily beats nicotinal narcotica however strong your other whoever claims it to be. particularly when the strongest of coffee makes your eyelids go all heavy in under 15 seconds. strange thing sleep is. some people have no idea how hard I have to work just to keep my bleedin' eyes open. it's like when you want stay awake, all the university and lecturers in it conspire in helping you to doze off. the conscious state plummets radically into blue depths of deep sleep deprivation, rendering the ancient art of attempting to save the crashing trains of thought, entirely useless. the mind's eye turns from the usual aye-aye-spot-that-bird tunnel vision to a weary, unsteady brown blur dipped in volatile waters of academic inconsistencies almost instantaneously.

ever noticed yourself scribbling around on a notepad half asleep? well, I just did. presenting to you, the language of the human brain. the mother tongue. langue maternelle. spoken, and expressed only during an unclear suspension into a pseudo-conscious state which, coincidentally, happens to being achieved while you're mid-lectures half asleep and simultaneously engaged in a fierce battle with your energy ageing eyelids. clicken est enlärgen.

edit: turns out it holds an uncanny resemblance to this. I therefore deduce sleep is as good as sex. no comments.

I do realise I might've just made a big fool of myself, in which case I have nothing more to say. I rest my face.

unrelated—waiter, there's a fly in my yeast.


that white stuff

I was going mad they said. with a mental equilibrium long disrupted, wasn't much of a surprise. one which can't even be described without getting sucked into transcendental hallucination. not that such a thing is documented to exist yet, which only makes it a lot more scarier. what's white and makes you go crazy. something else and coldest winter in 13 years with 20cm snow accompanied with an embarrassingly failflop transport system can in fact turn you into a photography obsessed arctic zombie. circa early february.
"click to enlarge" (if only it were that easy eh).

the following shotted from a moving bus. (which got stranded on top of a hill after the driver got radioed that two other buses were involved in a minor collision while trying to go downhill in extreme conditions, but that's a different story.) manual dexterity +1

some which look even more ghetto passed through that weird chinese online photo converter brilliance.

apologies for the recent splatter of photoposts longer than the all the carrots grown on the queens garden lined up. I've been on a massive clicking frenzy; it's been royally rewarding, except that I've lost my phone's memory card and with it several other clicks.