mel gibson elbow-skiing

greatest fucking movie ever made.


it's the blasted recession when everybody & their pennies have been acting a bit weird and you just happen to have a million flat bronze saucers lying around with no midas touch goodness whatsoever. the mighty internet teaches me to indulge in the pointless, miserable, monotonous, nonchalant yet strangely satisfying art of penny stacking. clicken est enlärgen.

after the grueling amount of time it takes you to stack what can only be described as what the fuck is this, synonymous time passage associated with penny stacking tests your patience, concentration and manual dexterity. of course, the whole point of it all being not testing manual dexterity malarchy or the rigidity or steadydity but more watching it all crash at the end as an excuse for a shoddy attempt to replicate the recession.


"je suis un homme très occupé," french for "I am a very busy man," slang for "I'm very lazy."

my therpist says I must embrace my weaknesses. such a beautiful thing, this .. this indolent laziness. i'm indian, and we're all born very lazy sue me. I'm still learning to embrace it, just like my ex. strangely tempting and highly, highly misleading. events transpire, phenomenons take place. pardon the recent hiatus, by virtue of inborn procrastinatories other things hadded to be taken care of. this is becoming a predictable trend, this is. fill up the ol' blogspot with welcome posts every 3 months. in other news, the fucking sun is visiting the queen this summer they took away the Kohinoor and they're taking away my winter WHAT THE BLAGOJEVICH IS WRONG WITH THE WEATHER HONESTLY it's gobsmacking. what a beautiful word. that's my new favourite word. uncle bobs gobsmacking his neig- went off on a tangent there where was I. the heat is deafening, and global warming has already increased my attention span to that of a blind hedgehog. must do whatever it takes to save the planet. even if it means not ridiculing toyota prius owners on the motorway . l’été est l’une des quatre saisons mmm l’été L’ÉTÉ L’ÉTÉ dammit man too bad repeating 'summer' in french doesn't make it any less worse. which is a shame really, I wanted to try that for 'jobless bored internet addict' as well. bored as in sitting and analysing usage frequencies of each letter used in previous posts.

the letter 'e' as it turns out, is a commoner. this looks hideous. I'm yay close to writing in lipograms for a month.

A lipogram (from Greek lipagrammatos, "missing letter") is a kind of constrained writing or word game consisting of writing paragraphs or longer works in which a particular letter or group of letters is omitted — usually a common vowel, the most common in English being "E".

of course, wikipedia fails to mention lipogrammatic exceptions are mere effects, emphasized by the encouragement of eliminating every exhibit that embraces the letter e, elevating estimates of an entertaining read. fathom that? oh wait I almost forgot, I'm eating into my "lie in partial paralysis while hallucinogenic images transport you into a temporary third-world reality" time. sleep is so yesterday night, overrated brainwash. I shall henceforth close my eyes, and drift off into solitude instead.