back in the blogger bhajan front

think deadlines. deadly, gory deadlines. deadlines of all sorts, lines of miles of it. wires of winding workload. deadlines with destructive definitions. with dire dilemmas. it's astonishing really, how my mind still flat out fails to comprehend the heaving veracity of deadlines. unless you're a poacher or a telecom engineer, the d-word has had a reputation of giving the very best of punctual personalities a scare. call it "adrenalin anesthesia" if you may, it's one thing walking away with a smiley on your face after a timely submission often accompanied with an unwanted feeling of "that complete student", and quite another living up to the last-minute-action-go plan. and then everything goes boom boom boom, like it did early this week foiling your rather intricate couldn't-be-more-perfect plan. getting hit by the darned viral flu for the second time in the same month wasn't exactly something I had included in the "could go wrong" list. although there's one thing that's always worth every cough—you get do a sinatra without actually sounding too far away from the low notes. tonsil travesty ensues. and happy delayed belated diwali wishes, although happy here seems more like an overstatement blissfully inaccurate that too. that's right, diwali was nothing less than a potentially fluky deadly deadline date and not to mention the swadeshi diwali deprivation underwent since like a decade (slight habitual hyperbole there, but who doesn't like eggs generation) although a salty suprise the very next morning kinda made up for it. anywhoosh me thinks I shouldeth stopathy, now that quoting real life perils in a desperate bid to cover up procrastinatory practices isn't much of a smart idea afterall. so stay tuned.

ps- too much tags left undone, bedone soon. If only they'd been them security ones, I'd be in lock up by now.


  1. Last-minute-action-go plans rock. What's life without the adrenalin! Hope you are fit and fine now.

  2. very much so! although I miss flunking work legally.

  3. and "adrenaline anaesthesia" is a new term that I have in my vocab now...I will use it in one of the future stories and you can have the credits! :)

    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.-and whoever talks of deadlines is surely not met the fab trio of Mr Chillout, Mr Lazy and HOLY SMACAWOLLY MISTAH FREAKOUT!! :D

  4. Anonymous11:08

    Welcome back! When I have a deadline, I tend to ignore it and take a break! :D

  5. Anonymous13:15

    even i was ill for diwali x-(
    I am making sure that i give the viruses a bad time...huh
    and err..welcome back! :p

  6. scribbleshwar { woah. did you just say I got De-Scribed? super stuff. ps- I need her and their numbers too! }

    meracrack { ignorance is breaking my bliss man! }

    youshe { looks like a bloglobal viral outbreak }

  7. Anonymous11:43

    Ah, you are back. Maybe you came back a while back... Good!