for want of a lion and a better zoom lens

visit to the zoo after years of not having been to one seemed to have brought out the wild side. a bit too much I'd say, after it reminded me of that one time when I managed chased off about half a score monkeys sitting on my backyard wall merely by the power of my high quality imitation dog bark (true story). not exactly something I'd brag about on parties, but there you go. you could say I've had a disturbed an adventurous childhood, those were the days.

didn't get to see it burying it's head, never thought meeting my role model would be a major dissapointment.

turns out Girish the mutant dog-worm might actually be a zebra derivative.

I still can't remember what these were called.

moments after a few human hand hunts.

couldn't get it to break the glass and pop out though.

so near, yet so far.


  1. Anonymous06:59

    Now now...this is some excellent camera and photoshop work XD