never underestimate the power of raw boredom and eternal dedication

including microsoft paint. specially if you're forced to hang on to phone calls stretching through long rainy afternoons and a bored right hand stretches across the table and feeds hallucinogenic chapati to the computer mouse. so I stumbled across some shit from 3 years back buried away deep through time in backup cds. where else should I celebrate?

and, I've always wanted to do this.

I like her hair too.

delicious copy+pasta. who doesn't like playing around pasting the same shit like a million times and achieve absolutely nothing, but solely deriving impertinent pleasure by somehow convincing oneself it was time well spent? I know I do.

function hidestatus () {
window.status=' '
return true

select that text above, and you have modern art. BAM! right there in your hands. clicken est enlärgen.

long story, don't ask. don't freak out either. elaborate prank in college on april la numero uno. image got projected in front of hundreds, including the guy below.

"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." - George W. Bush

I see no other place worthy enough to dump these on. humble apologies if WTFness of these caused any headaches whatsoever.


  1. duh! you can do bettah!

  2. it's the recession duude!
    i'm running low on RAM

  3. Brilliant. That script modern art is bloody brilliant and freaky, especially if it was inspired and not contrived!

    Whats with the 'I like her hair too'?

  4. you guessed it, contrived out of pure boredom, khoon & paseena ek karke!

    that's rajasthani's head under magnification.