conundrum chinesse

So I've had this theory since long that If every other awesome girl is detected along a man within her personal space area, a 'brotherly-sisterly' relationship can be safely assumed while being blithely oblivious to what the bitter truth might be. Told you positive thinking works. It kind of comforts by giving some hope and sort of showers you with endless supplies of 'maybe's cushioning you on a safety net.

Sadly though, like with all good theories come the mandatory drawbacks. It all seemed to work pretty well, until a few months back. No they didn't turn around and throw dagger looks, nor were they long-haired male rock fans mistaken for girls if at all you thought that was the worse it could get to.

Get this—everywhere I looked around uni, 80 to 90% of innocent girls fell prey to appearing chinese almost instantaneously;
no literally, everyone.

Although when I say Chinese, they might well have been Koreander or Japhacheese cakes or the likes;
I couldn't possibly differentiate the taste.

It wasn't like I had stumbled upon a barrage of randomly prepositioned young chinese tourists, they were just there.
Or maybe I was doing it all wrong according to, oh I don't know, some bizarre set of Feng Shui body language rules. Their confused expressions as I looked at each one of them in sheer disbelief disturbed me even more.

It felt like something went terribly wrong somewhere in thy DNA. My innocent sight was either accidentally bestowed upon with mysterious 'racial mutation powers' of you know Huu Huangdi or the Chinese Kitchen God was frying fucking with me real bad.

You know there are times that make you think
"maybe I had too many noodles last night."
Something tells me this could easily be one of them.
and, that I need more of brazilian cuisine
sigh; talk about being beaten with a chopstick.

In other news, a mentally ill lunatic proves he is one rightly so by confusing the moon for my car.


  1. Ah, I use the brother sister relationship too. I actually over use it. Just this last year at my tuitions, there was this hot chick but this guy would always be with her. They would come together but on different scooters. They would park far away and then come to the tuition walking, sometimes holding hands. But I still thought they were brother and sister. Then I came to know their names. She was a Sikh and him a Hindu. Then I assumed he was her "muh bola bhai". Well ultimately they did turn out to be boyfriend-girlfriend. :-/

    As far as the chinese phenomenon is concerned, I haven't seen that happening here. Maybe I'll be in a better position to tell once college starts.

  2. Anonymous07:52

    hallo, nice blog you have going on here, im just a random blogger nyway(thought i'd just comment to see whether it tastes as good as the chinese cuisine ;))