mathematical moronism

(note to self - deal with the likelihood of random lazinesia attacks before starting a blog)

Blogging? pah! just how hard could it be? write a couple o' words off the head, string a sentence off the hook and hit publish;
kisee ko pataa nahin chalega.

Not quite, it turns out.

Of course, not the first time the brain has done dhokha with thee.
Enter the early 90's. I was just another average student minding my own business. Exams coming up? no problemo.
Copied the timetable off the ol' blackboard and home I went.

Maths was second. Just a disorganised mess of distinctively shaped characters which made sense when added and multiplied together, was all what I thought of it. Father was quite good at teaching, helping me absorb the number junk into my ever-so-mathematically-incompatible-head. After nearly 16 hours of added effort, multiplied determination and undivided attention before the D-day, I was ready to conduct a numerical orchestra. "what could possibly go wrong?", I reassured myself.

Or so I thought.

D-day, 2 hours before exam, with friends.
"done with revision?" I flaunted.
"almost. just finishing off petroleum distillation"
"I hate bad jokes dude, specially before exams"
"can you see me smirking, dear?"

The world swept off beneath my feet faster than a bullet train and white walls appeared red. Maths, turns out, was a day after.
Thanks to life saving revision done before hand, I was fairly confident for science. Gave some more last minute kicks and it went okay.

"how did it go?"
"need to tell you something mom, just don't freak out"

Fast-forward to result day.
60% leysun genlmen, 60% I managed. can you believe that?
One hell of a 'scientific discovery' that was.


  1. LOL! I think the result would have been lot different if you had studied for Science and ended up at Maths exam.. ;)

    Inline Commenting: I was able to get it working..Thanks for the pointer...

  2. tht is my worst nightmare on exams eve buddy!!!

  3. I so hate exams. Im glad that my Uni days r over!


  4. My my!! You are a genius!

  5. Haha - It was my greatest fear through high school that I'd have the board exam dates mixed up and lose precious marks! Luckily, that never happened :)

  6. me { you bet! probably a 'big bang' of unsolved calculatory confusion floating vigorously in the head if that was the case }

    comfortably numb { even more worse is when I discover the subtle existence of one more question tucked away safely behind the page in the last five minutes }

    keshi { I'm very jealous! let me translate the intensity; having no exams is probably like being able to eat anything without the dangers of 'fatty' consequences }

    solitaire { thank you. its a universal truth, that }

    top gear { all you lucky graduates.. sigh; thy envy knows no bounds }

  7. Eeeeee after reading this I just pray I don't get the nightmare of flunking the math exam...

  8. skeetereeta { although its an adventure in itself.
    much better than skydiving, even }

  9. you seem to be a lil more than the average species of humans...which planet did you say you were from...myself is belonging to same place but thanks to short term memory loss, I have forgotten....

    Scribblers Inc.

  10. You know that happened to me once too. I prepared for the hindi exam, and the morning of the exam, my mom checked the time table to see which exam was the next day, and it turned out that it was my science exam that day and hindi was the next day, and i got 5 minute revision time for science as my dad drove me to the school. Guess what the result was?
    i got 100 in science and 96 in hindi, despite preparing for it twice. but then, this happened when i was in the 3rd grade, i was very careful not to let that happen again.

  11. **having no exams is probably like being able to eat anything without the dangers of 'fatty' consequences

    lol ur right abt that!


  12. Uh oh. I hate it when people 'dear' me.

    PS: Which is why I message the night before the exams to study the correct subject. Um, that's because I study only the night before the exam.

  13. scribblers inc { I shall take that as a compliment. yes yes, we are a bit 'zara hatke'. planets, you say? what those useless balls of dust? nah man we're from the mysterious edges of Universe; and thanks to short term memory loss, I... wait. wtf?
    what is this? who am I? huh?! }

    perx { thank you! I have company. finally. }

    keshi { that left me more tired of always being right after I left this comment }

    different pe,000,000,ple { you say that, imagine what deers have to go through }

  14. Why is the genius stagnant?

  15. Happened to me in class 3.
    Studied geography, gave Community Living exam.

    Never realised until I reached the class on exam day.

    still got 17 of 25 I think hah!

    remember I wrote something about the Good Samaritan based on what I remembered from class