primordial peculiarity

Never thought I'd end up punching black squares off the laptuter all for the sublime, unreciprocated love for blogging. But as it happens, it has. I've been bit by a bug. again. This time though, it appears to be one of those sublime but catchy ones which seems to spread across the nation by the day presumably faster than a kareena kapoor gossip. Thats right, the infamous blogger bug that is. One which even has some high profile celebrities caught up in its writey grasp. At first it all seemed normal. Then, they started appearing. Everywhere. Tiny little sinister looking spots blogspots all over my ignored thoughts, somewhat comical actions, and dry humour itching through every single minute in the day. Surely this might be short term enough for me to take any notice; or so I thought. The sidebar side effects started to slowly kick in. The symptoms were justified, and I'd already had enough. The condition was fairly popular and the outbreak seemed to have had grasped the country at a fast pace. I just had to blog.

Then, there were complications. Me attempting to try and conjure up a few lines of words was not only a rare event, but an unmissable act of sheer wannabe writer desperation fighting laziness. Writing a blog post, even, seemed almost comparable to reader's paranoia a paranormal phenomenon. It was as likely as two pilots falling asleep in mid air; now what are the chances of that happening, I hear you say.

well, didn't take long did it?

and so, I blog.

Although I'm known to be an introvert, I can be quite narcissistic sometimes in a subtle but obvious way. So much so, 90% of this space might just end up being that. In an even of such a horrible, boredom inducing disaster, do feel free to throw in some unflattering criticism.

Oh and pardon the excessive 'd' word usage in the sidebar.
No, its not the hidden pedantic in me dancing around shamelessly on the blog, just that I was sucked into the whole 'd for deewana' thing when I started.

Met blogger through a common friend back in may. Three months ladies and gentlemen, three months is what is took me to come up with this mumbo jumbo. Can you believe that? better late than never, eh?

watch this space for more!


Are you an alien?
ofcourse no. well, maybe.
alien to this society and its frivolous ways.
but then, we all are anyway.

Whats with the obscure, mildly amusing blog name?
procrastination just called, he says hi. will explain later.


  1. heeeeeeee welcome to blogger buddy!!
    get it up n running!!
    n yehhhh spice it up with all ya metro-sexuality!!

  2. jane { hey, thank you! }

  3. Ur a metrosexual monk..basically u can do anything! ;-)


  4. ze intrestinga!!
    the songs called mere yaar by advaita...done by a band from delhi...check up advaitaonline.net and leave a good comment or something..I guess their music rocks too!!:)

    Trip again!!
    Scribblers Inc.

  5. keshi { precisely! }

    scribblers inc { thanks, damn right it does! will check it out }

  6. Its a good confusing start. Hope you don't recover soon.

  7. solitaire { confusing start? that's an understatement, surely. thanks for the wishes! }

  8. Tarun18:49

    Welcome to the Blog-o-Sphere.

  9. Glad that FAQs were included...
    Twisted start...
    I like eet.
    eet ees refreshing...
    Happy Blogging!

  10. tarun { cheers-o-dude }

    skeetereeta { thankeeyuh! gtg, motherships calleeing }

  11. Um, I thought I saw 3 posts when I last visited. Uhmm.

  12. different pe,000,000,ple { either thoughts are delusional or thanatositis is slowly spreading }