Viking 2 made it to Mars, The Queen quit Qatar, eBay got spammed. notable events on this day that more or less shaped history, to name a few.

and then more importantly of course, I came along.
merry happy joyeux birth anniversaire day three to myself.

sometime back in WW2 on this very day, Italy came under attack. despite the wrath of limited artillery and more than half a century later, I've finally conquered the Roman Lasagna Legionnaires.

It was a tough run though; my passion for not cooking hasn't gone unnoticed. cooking you see, is like sleeping. you get insomniacs like me and the ones who can daydream for miles. I tried to give it a go anyway. and for some bizarre reason mother seemed to think approximate measures = accurate. and even more annoying how she manages to get them just right every single time.

"how much salt in this?"
"take an approximate"
the amount of times I was bombarded with aerosol approximates,
I'd bomb build a castle with 'em.

"sauté that"
"what did you just call me?"
and I was expected to know cooking jargons.

after that surreal experience, it did turn out tery tery tasty. and to top it all off, the whole thing was surprisingly easy. in layman's my terms, it's just adding some stuff, then a layer of cheese, and then some more stuff, shove it in the magic box, and voilà! couldn't get any more easier than that. be afraid olive oil, be very afraid.

and writing, using the term loosely, has hit an all time low lately. blame the prime minister. why? I don't know. it feels weird not to. net stopped working? gordon brown. bad weather? you guessed it.


  1. **It's just adding some stuff, then a layer of cheese, and then some more stuff

    some STUFF? I dun think I'd eat wut u cook. LOL!


  2. Anonymous08:49

    Happy B'day to youuuuu!
    and cooking...lol...its only the microwave for me,...lit the gas first time when i was in the 10th class...dint try again though...when time will demand, things wil be learnt!(m too lazy for anything)

  3. Happy Birthday.

    Trust mothers to give you the best recipes.
    Hope you grow up to be Anthony Bourdain or something like that.

  4. Oooooooooooooh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope there was good food at the party :D

  5. thanks guys!

    kesh { hmm funny my friends think the same; I wonder why }

    ayushi { microwave messiah has special temple in kitchen }

    guevara { anthony bourdain or something like that you say.
    it'll probably be the latter, by the looks of it }

    dewdropped { oh, you bet! }

  6. happy buddah...aaaah yeeeah...a varrah happah buddah...
    What did you cook?saute?

    Scribblers Inc.

  7. Um, sorry for the belated wishes, but Yappy Birthaday! Okay? Yes. Hope it was 'appy.

  8. scribblr ( thankaah thankaah. lasagna man LASAGNA! }

    different pe,000,000,ple { thaanki! 'appy as ever twas.
    oh, and was birthday week, belated not found }

  9. I am glad I found the deewana!