hello yes? we still here then? oh, right. the Large Hairy Coriander monster thingy didn't eat us up after all. although to be fair, they've just beamed the stuff clockwise. the other opposing beam is still 2 months away. and the final results? all that excitement about finding new particles? that's right, they're just a year away. a year. there I was all excited about discovering new dimensions and everything and suddenly it's all gone quiet. it's almost as if we've secretly time travelled a year back into the past when they turned it on, and the results still seem a year away. but if that really was the case, wouldn't we then get stuck in an endless, infinite time continuum as the result would set us back a year every time we reached it? told you my mind was messed up.

you see, I have high hopes for this experiment. no I really do. why? because lets face it, mankind is dumbing down. political correctness and human rights prevail over simple common sense. want a glimpse into far future? go see that movie documentary Idiocracy and see something that's essentially inevitable seeing how things running are these days. besides, now that swearing in an exam essay would earn me easy marks, my ever-so-awesome spam folder would probably get me a master's degree. physics, literature, everything it has. you name it.

“Don't get lost in her eyes because of small dimensions. Huge dimension gives increased force. You are just in step of being Caesar of in bed activity. Short and thin provoke female derision. Your insatiable chick will be full of pleasure. Upsize your pecker with no hassle. This night your bedroom will be jungles and you wild tiger after you have upgraded your wang with us. Your IT department has been paid to allow us to send you these mails. Check out the results.”

now this is freaky. I swear on my blog's sidebar I was halfway watching this video and my neighbour's cat with shining eyes peeps through the transparent catflap on backyard door. at midnight. coincidences are great, you know. I don't deny that. I mean, you want to throw some ayesha takias at me while I watch her film, you um go ahead and do that. but certainly not this.

and what's with all the hoohaa with that sour pale in? yes, that little intelligent woman I'm talking about. there he was, that white haired dude failing miserably not so long ago, with no hope whatsoever. and along comes mrs. oh-look-at-sexy-me with a too-busy-to-do-hair-looking-$1000-hairdo-with-glasses and soon enough, the whole nation goes crazy.

In other news, BBC told me I was a man (phew) last night.
and cat moss's kate has got flees.


  1. Anonymous12:44

    I've tagged you here:

    Cheers :)

  2. Anonymous21:54

    hail! you are hurting my catty instincts XD
    Congratulations on being the right sex dude, half n halfs are still not very comfortable in this society

    My stand on slangs is divided though, it also depends whether the slang is regional or universal.However,Buckroyd was correct in what he said.

  3. mirror on crack { soon! }

    sushi { well, technically he was, but shouldn't there be an exception on the most widely used swear word in the world? that too in an exam essay?! I think the whole world's gone mad. and lolcats still remain secret indulgence }

  4. bwuaaaahh. i jus commented, n well, it disappeared :(

    well i spent a half hour on this post; n well, it was a half hour well-spent.. :)
    geeeeee loved the black hole video the best- i mean it would make way for great science fiction--> which the guy himself admitted!

    and the cat was eerie.. really eerie.. either that it was sooper-editing!

    and the sex psychometry was good!--> ya've got some awesum spam; bring out more!

  5. jane {you spent half an hour? on this?!! I'm honoured.
    that black hole video was a part of 6 different ways the world would end.. check out the rest - http://tinyurl.com/6llpow }

  6. M awfully scared of cats.

    At the brain-sex profile now.. BRB

  7. Idiocracy is actually a fun to watch. its not world cinema but definitely enjoyable.

    are you telling me you ran up 70 pounds in library fines!!!!

    damn do you have any idea how many pints of guinness that would have bought!

    I made sure I never got any fines at library during college by never visiting it.

  8. dun be honoured.. :)
    the stuff was soooooper :)
    heeeee.. infact, my bro enjoyed the backhole video too!
    and yeahhh, i'll check out the other ways teh world could end.. :)

  9. Randomness at its best. And I finally got to reading it! I want to watch Idiocracy. And that cat was freakishly cool.

  10. kate moss has infestation..:O
    I was so much expectant of the hadron thing...bleddy party pooper...

    Scribblers Inc.

  11. oxygender { you're not a man until BBC says so }

    goagoinguy { thanks for the instant nightmare.
    that's just pences not total.

    "I made sure I never got any fines at library during college by never visiting it."
    hello einstein equivalent }

    jane { keep in mind youtube is bad for health.
    you'll be 60 by the time you close it }

    bubble vadh { nothing wrong with dropping cat videos now and again, is there }

    screen blur { look, look! - http://tinyurl.com/4ooduz }

  12. Anonymous18:52

    you have very unique style of writing. i love it.

  13. Anonymous13:21

    i have tagged u http://thedreamgirldiaries.blogspot.com/2008/10/5-obsessions.html

    now start blogging.