possibly last post

say (atheists read 'smirk at') your prayers tonight. the world might implode into a microscopic blackhole apparently. that weird little experiment takes place on wednesday. you know, the one smashing sub-atomic particles and all that. just the perfect something to look forward to on a dull wednesday afternoon.

after all the staring vigilant observation during boring bus waits everyday, I think my eyes are wearing off. and as if that wasn't depressing enough, I might have managed to hit the height of absent mindedness. when mother is away, apart from doritos with salsa dip staple diet often includes red leicester sandwiches off greggs. not being a huge fan of waiting in queues, I jumped at the chance of fetching a sandwich off the shelves slightly faster than normal pace and running to the till before anyone could come even close to heaving my hunger for another 2 minutes of eternity. It wasn't until I dug into it halfway ♠ that I realised it wasn't the familiar red leicester fatale. turns out the label which said "chicken & bacon" was white font on a red background and considering that I started chanting the red mantra even before I left work, the ol' brainer read no red but saw some instead.

actually, it might well be running in the genes for all I know.
"where's the plus button?!" complained a rather baffled mother holding a black cordless receiver. or the time when I copyrighted the "homeopathic facewash" idea after she mistook a medicine bottle full of little balls for her eye drops. too bad the "come first in college" gene is still nowhere to be found.

In other news, a bunch of whiny pedants took a break from spotting grammatical errors on supermarket displays and decided to write them in to the BBC instead. I can only pray for them and hope that they don't stumble across an orkut crapbook. and what's the large number of dots people put in at the end of everything these days.. even pacman would commit suicide.

♠ exact moment when laptop was thrown violently seeing a spider the size of an onion crawl across the keyboard. fucking spiders.


  1. who cares...we r alive TODAY. :)


  2. Anonymous11:28

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  3. Anonymous15:10

    ah non monsieur...can't be ur last post(considering ur laptop is still alive n kicking)
    ...but never mind if it is, i'm sure there's a nobler reason behind :)
    anyway, ur post: it was really refreshening man... and i wud advice u to make links open in another window coz ppl like me lose ur page and forget all abt the magananimous source of 'this interesting info'....

    ok ok nuff said :)

  4. Anonymous17:40

    Oh wow.. LHC link is amazing! Well, if this is your last post, then I guess this'll be my last comment... Goodbye cruel world!

  5. calm down people! I'm hangin around for a year at least
    last post possibility was due to widespread blackhole experiment speculation.

    kesh { eggzaktlee! }

    ayushi { enough with the sarcasm!
    and they did use to open in new window before..
    but a friend gets really annoyed! }

    bvodka { its not, its not! }

    mirror on crack { no no its not, it'll be your first! }

    spam tastes rubbish. fuck off.

  6. Anonymous05:05

    no offence intended dude :)

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