Welcome to mon la première, noveau travelogue;
went Bath sometime last week, got punfully
painfully drenched in the dreary rain.
what follows this, is a selection picked off thy faithful
photomachine. more flickr drooling when the darned
uploadr starts to show any signs of working with vista.

inborn annoyance with chinese homosapea isn't new
"what, chinese tourists? at the Great Roman Baths?
surely they mean no harm."

see what I mean? and no, I definitely wasn't to blame.
there I was focusing all I had to that one perfect shot, and
phataak! the shanghai forehead unleashes itself in all its fury.
was it tying her shoelaces, or just randomly deciding to pop up like a ninja the very next instant; I don't know.
although the latter does seem more likely.
you can imagine the things going on in her head at that moment-

legend of the disappearing forehead.

A certain Mr. Gorgon and his excavated fore head

A 1.6 metres deep cold plunge bath

with a camera in hand and all pumped up, it wasn't long before
The Sartorialist wannabeism kicked in.

river Avon, from bus window of the dumb travel company who thought an hour on a rainy day was enough to walk about exploring.

Stonehenge : a group of stoned stones.
and pardon the different angles. nothing more entertaining than pretending to be a professional photographer among clueless tourists. sad, I know.

sigh. writing a travelogue, it seems, clearly isn't my forte.


  1. I like the bluish green gleam photo.

    Why so many pictures of Stonehenge? =\

    Put up some more.

  2. Awesome pictures!!

    Funnier description of the forehead wala picture!

  3. Anonymous16:08

    "sigh. writing a travelogue, it seems, clearly isn't my forte"

    But, plogging (picture + blogging) certainly is! Keep it up man! Along with the funny captions, make it worthwhile to plough through the numerous photos.

  4. lol!! Loved the humor in the post!!

  5. different pe,000,000,ple { yeah, I must.
    harry potter had 9 more than this }

    solitary silver sunshine { thaankeuw, and yes
    plogging sounds just perfect a cure for writeria blockagery }

  6. its a job well done...take a breather...read my travails and you would love yourself!!:)

    Scribblers Inc.

  7. Got 'stoned' completely it appears..! The case of the missing forehead still unsolved..?

    Naice post by the way..!

  8. sweet jesus.
    whats with everyone starting with an S commenting together all of a sudden?!

  9. Ah the Jane Austin town

  10. nice shot of the cold plunge bath...lucky you to have been there!