writer's block is a myth

only when you end up getting something that involves frolicking around randomly fiddling with faintly farcical first page results of a fairly fruitful search on flickr for these:

first name, favourite food right now, high school,
favourite colour.

celebrity crush, favourite drink, dream vacation,
favourite dessert.

like to be when you grow up, love most in life,
one word that (possibly) describes you, username.

and picking an image from the results on the first page.
and using Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic.
and then getting drunk

that was fun. and it appears many have done this by now.
in case you haven't but feel like, do go ahead and drop a line.


  1. Strikethroughs are the essence of life?

    Exhibit A: This post.
    Exhibit B: Previous post.


    PS: What's with the site logo? Mango? "Aam aadmi"?

  2. Anonymous16:38

    Mosaic looks nice, but it could've helped more had you given your answers along with the questions too.

  3. different pe,000,000,ple {
    hah mango = random, out of the blue = I like.
    although Aam aadmi sounds punningly perfect.
    and I don't quite know how strikethruz strung it all together.
    twas purely coincidental. or maybe I should lay off the grass }

    ish { no no! takes away inquisitive sanctity, you see }

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  5. loved the mosaic--> as abstract and detailed as it gets..
    i had eyes only for the sizzling choco bownie though ;) being the hardcore foodie im :) geeeee..
    he liked ya rendition of the different pe,000,000,ple :0

    and my fingeres on diet.; nahhhhh never possible; they're always hogging on food, and also doing vigourous workouts on posts and comments :)

  6. that moon looks good...

    Scribblers Inc.

  7. jane { think I should start a diet plan or something;
    deewana's daily diet dosage }

    scribblr { and so does she! }

  8. hey i did this too!
    its gr8!